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    Are you interested in one of these vehicles?

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    Vinde?i-v? ma?in? de construc?ii- Cum func?ioneaz??

    Provide us with the information of your machinery

    Provide us with the information of your machinery

    Completarea acestui formular dureaz? doar 3 minute! Dac? ne oferi?i informa?ii foarte detaliate, v? putem oferi cel mai bun pre?.

    Primi?i oferta ?n decurs de 24 de ore

    Primi?i oferta ?n decurs de 24 de ore

    Dup? ce primim specifica?iile complete, v? vom contacta ?i v? vom trimite cea mai bun? ofert? ?n decurs de 24 de ore.

    Plata ?n maxim 48 de ore

    Plata ?n maxim 48 de ore

    Dup? ce semna?i contractul de cump?rare, v? vom trimite plata ?n maxim 48 de ore. De asemenea, ne vom asigura s? ridic?m vehiculele din loca?ia dvs. cat mai repede posibil.


    Regularly multiple vehicles for sale? Sell directly to our end customer

    The Sales Manager is the most efficient way for regularly remarketing multiple used vehicles. You offer the vehicles via BAS Trucks and we will immediately pro-actively approach our 1 million relations worldwide. The sales team of BAS Trucks will sell your vehicles for the best price. You can follow the complete process online through your dedicated online partner portal.You don't have to worry, we will take care of everything!