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    Bulldozer Construction equipment

    Bulldozers have a large metal blade at the front to move soil and rock. At the same time, the machine compresses the substrate due to its own weight. The best-known bulldozer manufacturers are Hanomag, CAT, Liebherr and Komatsu. BAS Machinery always has a large selection of different types and brands of used bulldozers in stock.

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    Brands and options

    In addition to CAT and Komatsu, New Holland, Case, Hanomag, Sany and Liung Gong also manufacture bulldozers. These machines are available in different sizes as not all sizes are suitable for every job. Bulldozers can also be equipped with a large number of different tools that can make the work easier or safer. These include, among other things, air conditioning, work lights, a ripper or GPS. Thanks to GPS, the machine performs even more efficiently because the system indicates exactly what the finishing profile is. Bulldozers can also be equipped with a ripper. This is a large hydraulic metal hook at the rear of the machine. The ripper pulls the substrate (rock/roots/soil) apart. It can then be pushed aside more easily.

    What is a bulldozer suitable for?

    Tracks allow bulldozers to reach the most remote places. Because its weight is distributed over a large area, the machine does not sink into sand or mud quickly. This makes this type of machine extremely suitable for leveling off terrain in the infrastructure, forestry and mining industries. Snow cats are based on the same concept – they level snow by combining tracks and a large blade.

    PAT blade, V blade, S blade, U blade, S-U blade

    Bulldozers can be used for a variety of activities. Different types and shapes of blades have been developed for specific purposes. An S blade is a horizontal straight blade and is suitable for earthworks. A U leaf is crooked and has sides. This allows soil to be "pushed" over longer distances. An S-U sheet is a combination of the above. A PAT (power-angle-tilt) blade can be raised, rotated and tilted. This versatile blade is best suited for spreading and leveling soil.

    How much does a (used) bulldozer cost?

    The price of a bulldozer or dozer depends on the type and age of the machine. The number of operating hours also affects the price. An intensively used machine is worth less than a less mature model. You can buy a bulldozer from BAS Machinery starting at €20,000. A more recent one costs around €45,000, and the price of a new one starts at €245,000.

    Leasing a used or new bulldozer

    It is possible to lease a new or used bulldozer at BAS Machinery. The lease period can vary from 24 to 60 months. Servicing can also be included. Ask one of our sales representatives about the possibilities.