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    Why lease your machinery at BAS Machinery?

    Advantages of lease

    BAS Machinery is the only company that offers you the opportunity to lease your machinery and construction equipment.
    When you lease your equipment at BAS Machinery you will combine the financial advantages of leasing with the advantages of buying used machinery.

    What are the most important advantages of leasing at BAS Machinery?

    • Low down payment
    • Fixed low monthly fee
    • Keep financial space
    • Keeps your vehicle fleet up-to-date

    The result is that leasing your construction equipment at BAS Machinery provides you as an entrepreneur some financial comfort, security, and clarity on what your monthly expenditures will be.

    Reliable partner

    The lease concept of BAS Machinery is developed together with big financial institutions, and our own lease company BAS Lease.

    These institutions offer you as an entrepreneur financial safety and security when leasing machinery and construction equipment.
    They offer you a solid and reliable financial analysis and they will give you the space to invest in your expanding machinery park.

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